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Eduversal is a service provider which aims to prepare and implement unique and high quality programs designed to assist educational institutions to enhance the individual and comprehensive success that is hidden in details.

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We focus on increasing the quality of service with keeping the prize same with our blended method.

Evaluation of Achievement (EA) is a program focuses to evaluation progress in education and work hard to develop better ways to reach the deeper knowledge of student’s understanding to provide helpful reports to students, parents, instructors, institutions at different aspects of their purpose.


Educamp is the provider of teaching proficiency development that conducts programs according to the cutting-edge teaching strategies and sets appraisal visit throughout the year to build teacher’s permanent character and skills beneficial to the institution.


EduOS is a training program for students in preparation of OSN (Olimpiade Sains National). EduOS program is held every year in a designated place with good supports of facilities and trainers with the main goal to introduce the OSN itself and provide training for the students to get the best result in OSN.


EduElation is an Eduversal program that focuses on education by applying a variety of games that will build character and specific lessons for students. This program is specifically for students in grades 1-9.

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Edunav is customizable school information system for institutions to build their own characteristic educational culture in school and follow up everything smoothly.


Edujoy is a video portal which publishes visual content in different disciplines and curriculums to create an image of real-life application of theoretical knowledge to make the subject more enjoyable and applicable


Eduversal Mathematics Competition (EMC) is a national online mathematics competition held by Eduversal simultaneously, which is designed to attract students’ interest in mathematics subjects with an online competition system


Indonesian Science Project Olympiad (ISPO) is a science project competition for primary and secondary (high) schools. It is organized by Eduversal to attract young Indonesian students to contribute for the better future of their country.


Olimpade Seni dan Bahasa Indonesia (OSEBI) is an Indonesian arts and language competition that is held regularly by Eduversal as an implementation of support for the development of education and culture in Indonesia.

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What people said about Eduversal Services

It was such an honor to be taught by very professional instructor. The instructor is so well-matched with the course. Thank you for inviting her to this program and thank you also for all of the Eduversal’s committee for working hard for this program.

English Teacher, Proficiency in Teaching English to Secondary Learners Course

Baru pertama sekali ikut program ini, dan sangat bermanfaat bagi saya khususnya dan akan saya aplikasikan di sekolah tempat saya mengajar.

Guru Bahasa Indonesia, Kelas Pengujian dan Penilaian

Everything was wonderful! It was a privilege to train the wonderful teachers of Indonesia. Their energy and enthusiasm made the week very memorable.

Krzysztof Strzemeski - Poland, CLIL in Primary Science Instructor
EMC ini membuat saya makin mencintai Matematika, terutama dalam menghitung peluang yang biasa saya gunakan untuk menghitung peluang mendapatkan Card SSR hingga UR di game IDOLiSH7.
Siswa kelas 7, Peserta EMC 2020
EMC Merupukan kompetisi yang menguji adrenalin dan kemampuan kita sehingga kita dapat mengetahui di mana kelemahan kita terhadap matematika dan sehingga kita bisa mengevaluasi kejelekan kita menjadi Kelebihan.
Siswa kelas 8, Peserta EMC 2020


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  • SMA Semesta Semarang

Silver Medal

M Adhimas Rikkat
  • Sekolah Kharisma Bangsa

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Billie Hartanto
  • Sekolah Kesatuan Bangsa

Bronze Medal

Farrel Dwireswara S
  • Sekolah Kharisma Bangsa


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