What is EA?

Evaluation of Achievement is an appraisal program which assesses the quality of education by high-tech tools in K-12 institutions and develops individual and comprehensive online reports to reinforce the characteristic of education in the organisation.

Why EA reports are important for school, teacher, student and parents?

EA reports about students’ achievements are used by teachers to improve teaching and learning by students for further learning; by school managers and trustees to review programme and resourcing decisions; and by parents to know their children performance.

How does EA implements assessments in school?

  1. Students do the test from EA
  2. School submit the score to EA
  3. EA produce the report and send them to school
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What is EduCamp?

Educamp is teaching proficiency development provider which conducts programs accordingly 21st Century teaching strategies and sets appraisal visit throughout the year to build a permanent character and skills with teacher to be more beneficial to the institution.

Why EduCamp is important for school, teacher and student?

EduCamp helps developing schools as learning organisations, and in ways for teachers to share their expertise and experience more systematically, and engage to focus on the needs of their students. EduCamp takes instructors to the cutting edge of the teaching skills. EduCamp works hard to keep teachers and teaching materials up to date.

How can a teacher apply to EduCamp programs?

  1. Register via link provided
  2. Fill required profile information
  3. Select desired program
  4. Teacher and administrator who want to join can apply via link provided.
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What is EduJoy?

Edujoy is a video portal which publishes visual content in different disciplines and curriculums to create an imagination of real life application of theoretical knowledge to make subject more enjoyable and applicable.

Why EduJoy is important for school, teacher, student and parents?

Schools, teachers, students and parents will be very well assisted by Edujoy.

  • Students have easy access to learning materials.
  • Parents can see what their children is learning.
  • Teachers are very well assisted in reviewing and giving students exercises.
  • With suitable system, schools can really improve students academic achievement.

How does EduJoy know school curriculum structure?

Edujoy created learning contents based on Cambridge Curriculum, and is synchronized with National Curriculum

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What is EduOS?

EduOS is a training program for students in preparation of OSN (Oiimpiade Sains National). EduOS program is held every year in a designated place with good supports of facilities and trainers with the main goal to introduce the OSN itself and provide training for the students to get the best result in OSN.

Why should we join EduOS Training Camp?

EduOS has been providing a training program in preparation of OSN since 2011, with amazing achievements :

  1. 248 Medalists (2011-2018)
  2. 49 students are chosen as representatives of Indonesia in International Olympiads (2013-2018)
  3. 49 International Medalists (2013-2018)

How to become a participant of EduOS Training Camp?

Participant requirements :

  • Participants are students of Junior/High school in Indonesia
  • Grade (SMP) : 7 and 8
  • Grade (SMA)  : 9, 10, and 11
  • Physically and spiritually healthy
  • High motivation and interest to the program
  • Get a recommendation letter from school/teacher
  • Participate in all program schedule
  • Pay the program’s fee
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